Skin De-Pigmentation

Skin colour is determined by a pigment called ‘Melanin’. It is produced and released by specialized cells in our skin known as ‘melanocytes’. An individual’s color depends on the amount and type of melanin released in the skin by these melanocytes.

Melanin gives colour to the skin, hair, and iris of the eyes. Levels of melanin depend on race and amount of sunlight exposure. Sun exposure increases melanin production to protect the skin against harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays.


But sometimes, certain biologic or physiologic causes such as hormonal changes, pregnancy, increase in blood cholesterol, diabetes, irregular lifestyle habits, chronic gastric disorders, kidney and liver disorders etc. causes the occurrence of dark and discoloured patches or regions of the skin over the face & neck. This is known as ‘Hyperpigmentation’. Hyperpigmentation is not a condition but a term that describes skin that appears darker.

 This reduces the effective visual appearance of the face, on the whole.


At  , we have an expert protocol and state of the art ‘in-house’ products that help to reduce and eliminate these patches over the skin, and enhance the beauty of your look in minimalistic ways.

Skin Treatment