Root Canal

Long standing untreated tooth decay, gradually develops and progresses into the dental pulp where the nerve and blood supply to the tooth is located. It gives rise to dental pain and if further left untreated, progresses down into the pulp and creates an abscess. Root canal treatment is a routine dental procedure which is required in such a case. It requires the removal of this infected dental pulp along with the infection and replacing the empty space with an artificial inert material. This allows the tooth to be relieved of the infection and also save the overall tooth’s structure. A crown or a ‘cap’ may be required on the root canal treated tooth to protect it from further infection and restore its overall function. It takes one or more than one sittings for this procedure depending upon the extent of the infection.



• Gets rid of pain and infection, affecting the tooth

• Maintains health and structure of the natural tooth

• Avoids the need for extraction of the natural tooth

• Visually aesthetic appearance of the tooth

• Maintains longevity of tooth function.