PRP/GFC facial Rejuvenation therapy

Just as in the treatment of hair fall and growth, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate) is also utilized for skin rejuvenation and repair of damaged skin tissues. It induces neo-collagenases’ (formation of new collagen) by activation of fibroblasts and also by removing photo damaged extracellular matrix. It further rises new skin cells which increases skin elasticity, amplifying facial skin rejuvenation.

It gives a young rejuvenated look, repairs damages skin tissue and enhances skin radiance.

The method of preparation is same as that used for hair treatments using the individual’s blood and treating it to produce the PRP/GCF concentrate. It is then injected into the skin intra dermally all over the face, especially in the regions having acne scars. 3 – 5 sessions are carried out in an interval of 1 month each. Micro needling is further done to obtain better results.

Skin Treatment