Hair Transplants

Hair transplants are the most common, successful and result oriented surgical procedures performed in cosmetology and trichology for permanent hair restoration.
Since its inception in the 1950s by a New York based physician, Dr. Norman Orentreich, who began to experiment with free grafts on balding areas for the people experiencing hair loss. There has been a large and an exponential evolution in the progress of this procedure. Numerous techniques have been evolved and have been variously nomenclated.


There are two basic types of surgical procedures for hair transplants:
FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
This is a procedure of harvesting a hair follicle graft wherein an individual follicular unit is harvested from the donor area and are transplanted into small slits made in the skin of the scalp in the required area.
This procedure is best suited for patients who require a small amount of grafts for a limited region of bald area. Furthermore, it is a scarless procedure, having more rapid healing and recovery.
Although primarily it is used for extraction of grafts from the scalp, this technique is also used for extraction of grafts from other regions of the body such as beard, chest etc.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)
Follicular Unit Transplant is a procedure in which an entire strip of the scalp from the donor area is excised and removed from which the individual follicular units are stripped or cut out of it separately. These follicular units are then transplanted out into the recipient site. The harvested area is then sutured and closed and a dressing is applied before discharging the patient.
This method allows a high amount of grafts to be harvested with follicles which are complete and intact, without any damage. Further it gives DHT resistant hair follicles, as the strip of hair excised is taken from the rear (posterior) region of the scalp, which is not affected by DHT.

Hair Transplant for MEN
As men are most affected by hair loss, hair transplant in men is usually the most common and successful procedure performed to this age. The follicular transplant is carried out for reconstruction of receded hair line, fill up bald patches or can also be used for complete baldness. This procedure is carried out in about 1 or 2 days depending upon the number of grafts required. Also this procedure can also require 2 or maybe even 3 sessions depending upon the density required by the individual.

Hair Transplant for WOMEN
At some point in their lives, women also have a significant amount of hair loss. These can be occur due to hormonal imbalance, change in metabolic status and most of all nutritional deficiency.
At , hair transplant procedures are carried out with ease, with no excess cutting of hair in length required. From restoration of a bald patch to providing density, this procedure is done even without cutting or reducing the hair in the recipient area.