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Hair Patch


Hair Patches are a non-surgical hair replacement system where in a patch of hair, something like a wig, is placed in the area where baldness has occurred. It is secured in place by either cosmetic glue or a double sided cosmetic tape.

This option for hair replacement is suited for

  • Those individuals who have a large area of baldness, which cannot be covered by a hair transplant, due to shortage of hair at the donor site.
  • Those whose potential for hair growth on the area of baldness is completely lost.
  • Individuals having time constraints and for those who do not have the waiting period required for hair transplant or PRP/GCF procedures.
  • Individuals who have completely lost all their hair & have no further potential for hair re-growth due to certain conditions like
    • Trauma
    • sever accidents
    • severe burns to the scalp
    • Cancer
    • Post Chemotherapy


• Natural human hairs are used.
• Hair can be styled as per client request, including the hair colour as per individual’s desire.
• Gives a complete natural look.
• Completely Non-surgical process.
• Annual maintenance, once a year.
• 100% secure & best baldness solution

At New Era we provide the best hair patch solutions for our patients using 100% natural hair, made by the best patch and wig makers from Bollywood. We dedicate ourselves in providing the best products to our clients in the most affordable costs.