Double Chin Reduction

Also known as submental fat, it is a very common condition that occurs when a layer of fat occurs under your chin.

It mainly occurs when a layer of fat forms in the region between your chin, and the beginning of the neck. A double chin is often associated with weight gain, but one need not be overweight to have one. Genetics and/or looser skin resulting from aging, poor posture, short facial structures may also cause the formation of a double chin.

It can occur at any age and is seen in both males and females. It gives an individual an elongated face and causes an imbalance in the vertical facial symmetry. This further gives an “ageing” appearance to an individual’s profile.

There are many methods like chin liposuction, exercises, massages etc. But unfortunately these methods are either expensive and/or do not provide the required necessary result to the patient.

At we have an effective method by which you can bid your double chin goodbye. Using U.S. FDA approved technology, our double chin reduction treatment is result oriented and cost effective. In few short sessions you will experience a reduction in your double chin and a well-defined jaw line, reversing your ageing appearance.

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