A denture is a removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissues. They are used in case when all the teeth are missing in the upper and/or lower jaw or both and are called Complete Dentures.

They may also be required to replace a few missing teeth when some natural teeth remain.

In both cases they are required to be removed once during the day (mostly at night).

They can also be fixed in the oral cavity using the support of dental implants.


• The Improve the Look of Your Smile. 
• They Are Made for Your Mouth. • The dentist creates dentures customized for you so you can get the most comfortable fit.
• They Are Easy to Clean & Maintain.

• They are highly Cost effective & 

affordable — denture placement can be considered as a cost-effective option when compared to other methods such as dental implants or bridges.

They are light weight and give a natural looking appearance to your beautiful smile.

Support for facial features — they can provide support to your facial features by preventing the side effects of missing teeth and sagging cheeks.