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Maxillofacial Surgery


An Internationally recognized surgical specialty of dentistry that involves diagnosis, surgical and treatment of diseases, injuries and defects involving both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the hard and soft tissues of the head, neck, face & jaws of the Oral and Facial region.

These surgical procedures are generally conducted in an operating room of a hospital, under general anesthesia.

These procedures generally include –

Reconstruction and Fixation of the skull and facial bones :

Due to unfortunate accidents or trauma, the bones of the skull and the orofacial region are more prone to fractures due to their thin and narrow profile.  These result in facial deformities which may remain permanent if untreated. The basic goal of fracture fixation is to stabilize the fractured bones to enable fast healing & return to full functional and aesthetic form with minimalistic scarring. 


Pathologies (Cysts, Tumors etc.)

Tumors and Cysts of the jaw can vary greatly in size and severity. These growths are usually benign (non-cancerous) but can have an aggressive growth, damaging and invading into the surrounding bone and tissue. These give rise to deformative facial swellings, pain, numbness, tenderness and unexplained mobility of teeth. These pathologies are discovered under routine X-ray. A biopsy of the tissue is usually performed to determine the type and severity of the lesion. These pathologies require surgical removal and in some cases, bone reconstruction of the affected area may be necessary.


Cosmetic Facial Correction

These surgical procedures are carried out to enhance the visual appearance of the facial structures and facial features and also to correct facial deformities. They include reconstruction of the chin, upper and lower jaws, nose correction, facial feminization and face lifts