Dental Filling

A dental filling repairs the damage caused by tooth decay or fracture to the tooth surface. It restores the natural appearance of a decayed or previously filled tooth. Dental fillings today are tooth-coloured, which blend extremely well to the tooth enamel and also bond to the remaining tooth surface. Also, since they bond to the tooth structure, chances of secondary decays are reduced extensively. Being available in a variety of shades the tooth coloured restorations blend in beautifully with the existing tooth structure and the adjacent teeth, looking absolutely and completely natural.

We at follow a complete silver free policy and provide the best quality of composite dental filling materials, which not only provide a secure coverage to your teeth and prevent future decays, but also blend with the tooth structure naturally in shape and colour.


• Stops the cavity from growing as the decayed portion of the tooth is removed.

• Improves the tooth structure

• Strengthens tooth structure

• Protects tooth from further decay